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Sydney Comedy Festival 2019 Tickets

Sydney Comedy Festival 2019

22 April - 19 May 2019

Sydney's biggest month of comedy returns with hundreds of the world's funniest comedians taking to stages across the city! The Festival program features performances from the finest Australian acts, the biggest international stars and the most promising emerging talent, offering up everything from stand up to sketch, satire, impro, musical, absurdist, theatre, magic and kids comedy.

Daniel Sloss - X

Daniel Sloss returns to Australia with his new show, X.

Jimeoin - Result!

‘Jimeoin recalls the familiar at a fantastically silly level, boiling his audience down to a tear-filled, gibbering mess’ - Scotland on Sunday

Steen Raskopoulos - You Heard

Fresh from sold out runs, Steen Raskopoulos premieres his brand new show at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

The Bear Pack - Steen Raskopoulos & Carlo Ritchie

Fresh from a sell out run at Soho theatre in London, The Bear Pack return to Sydney for Sydney Comedy Festival.

Break Out Comedy Showcase

We've hand-picked the finest young comedians in Sydney for the Break Out Comedy Showcase.

Cam Knight - Beast on a Leash

I’ve got a new show. Yes, I’m the beast and I’m now metaphorically on a leash. Come see the show and I’ll tell you why.

Gareth Waugh - Oh Boy..

Gareth has decided to come clean and share his innermost embarrassing stories in his brand new show.

Chelsea Zeller - Massive Bitch

Chelsea Zeller has been blitzing the festival scene with her razor-sharp one-woman sketch comedy...

Sean Mcloughlin

Now 30, all Sean wants is to walk into the sunset with the love of his life and his head held high, but before that there’s some demons he wants to put to rest.

Hannah Reilly 'Direct Eye Contact'

Finding connection in the modern age, why straight women should probably be dating sharks, and the pitfalls of fraudulent sex positivity.

Beth McMullen - Girl, Schminterschmupted

Part sketch, part musical, part stand-up, part performance lecture and part therapy session (jks), this is a show inspired by mental illness.

Cameron Duggan - 'Crowd Favourite'

After a red hot year, he's back with new jokes and an aptly named show.

Guy Williams - Full Head of Steam

Guy Williams is back! Some of you might not have even noticed that he was gone, or even realised that he was here in the first place...

Dusty Rich - The Lying King

Did you know that Giraffes necks are so long because they have incredibly severe flatulence.

Effie - Love Me Tinder

Don’t miss your chance to laugh, re-think and see this Logie Award Winning living legend up close and very personals.

James Acaster - Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999

Come and catch the masterful James Acaster in this critically-acclaimed hour, where he reflects on the best year of his life and the worst year of his life.

Jamali Maddix - Vape Lord

Critically acclaimed comedian and host of Viceland’s Hate Thy Neighbour, Jamali Maddix is embarking on his first world tour.

Kai Humphries - Punch Drunk

In boxing, the only thing more powerful than sibling rivalry is brotherly love.

Phil Wang - Philly Philly Wang Wang

Phil ‘Philly Philly Wang Wang’ Wang is back with a new hour of absolute gold for his Sydney solo debut.

Float Like A Butterfly, John Hastings Like A Bee

Last year, John Hastings was hit by a car and broke his arm.

Jimmy McGhie - Need(y)

With seven critically acclaimed Edinburgh solo shows behind him, the poster boy for white male privilege is back full of the usual complaints and foolish hopes.

Sydney Comedy Festival - Late 'n Live

The best thing about these shows is, you never know who might show up!

Phill Jupitus – Sassy Knack

Join stand-up comedian, poet, improviser, and TV stalwart Phill Jupitus for over an hour of tales, laughs and diversions.

Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase

We handpick the funniest and freshest acts of Sydney's biggest annual comedy event, squeeze them into one hilarious line-up.

Tim Ferguson - Fast Life On Wheels

Comedy legend Tim Ferguson brings his inspiring life journey to the stage. Tim’s story will make you laugh, cry and seize the day.

Tom Allen - Absolutely

The sharply dressed, well-spoken, disparagingly camp son of working-class suburbia, Tom Allen embarks on his debut solo tour.

Best of The Fest

Our one hour showcase, hosted five nights a week across the Festival at the Factory Theatre Festival Hub!

Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase

The Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase is bringing a killer cast of the top picks from the 2019 Festival to the iconic Hayden Oprheum Picture Palace.

Frocking Hilarious

ActionAid Australia presents Frocking Hilarious: a night of laughter for women's rights.

Kanan Gill - Teetar

Don’t miss the superstar Indian comedian on his first ever Australian tour – tickets will not last long!

Ben Kochan - Nice Boy Seeks Kind Audience

This show is a silly hour of comedy that's as fun as eating goulash in a planetarium!

Carlo Ritchie - Drinking For Two

One half of acclaimed comedy duo The Bear Pack, Carlo Ritchie returns to the Sydney Comedy Festival for one night only.

Alexander Richmond - The Marvellous Snake Boy

Snake Boy was raised for 18 years by a family of red-bellies in the Australian Outback. Snake Boy knows what it is to be 'snake'.

A Rose Between Two Thorns

Three comics just doing stand up. Over 60 years experience between us.

Andrew Hastings - Vulgar Display of Comedy

Disgusting sex reptile and aging emo Andrew Hastings returns with a brand-new hour about love, misery, and bodily fluids.

Anthony Tomic - Please Pray For Me

If you enjoy mostly true stories, cutting observations, and a dash of (mostly affable) neuroses, this show will not disappoint.

Ben Lomas - Love Handles

So come on a side-splitting journey through the world or weight loss and self-help books to watch an outstanding comedian embrace his love handles!

Alfie Brown - Lunatic

Alfie Brown is coming to his first Sydney Comedy Festival and he remains charming and disgusting.

Big Fancy Quiz

Half game show. Half podcast. All comedy. Hosted by Joe Shaffer.

Andrew Barnett - Barney

Since his first gig back in 2009, Andrew Barnett has gone from stay at home Dad, to stand up comedian, to Fox Sports funny guy.

Ben Darsow - Benny Darsow Ad Lib

Jump onto the booking link and lock in a surefire evening of laugh-out-loud standup that will have you giggling like a nutcase the whole Uber ride home!

Jay Pharoah LIVE

Stand-up comedian, actor, rapper and impressionist Jay Pharoah spent a huge six seasons as a cast member & writer on Saturday Night Live.

Zoe Sitas - With Two Dots

After selling out her debut solo show at 2018 Sydney Fringe, With Two Dots is back this year with a tight session full of laughter and heavy thinking.

Jeromaia Detto - Canapes & Cocktails

Jeromaia Detto (Celebrity Theatresports) is delivering his dégustation of delightful disguises at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

The Game Is Afoot

An Improvised Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Burger King Illuminati

1 hour of lo-fi hi-joke sketch comedy from BKI.

Debbie Zukerman - Science with Raz

Raz is a real scientist, and she is bringing all her favourite Sciences to the Sydney Comedy Festival for your academic pleasure!

Margot Beavon-Collin

Trans and cis, lobsters and sharks, apocalypse survivors and fans of Minecraft, all come together in this heady mix of conversational stand-up.

Issy Phillips - ASMR Live

Join comedian Issy Phillips for an art-comedy show featuring sketch and stand up that is sure to bring tingles.

Garbage People - Reel to Real

Eat our trash, you won't regret it! No Bin Chickens Allowed!

Jacinta Gregory - 80s Nostalgia Sad Hour

The musical' and 'Jacintegrating' comes an hour of musical comedy sure to have you flash dancing like you were at a jazzy funeral.

Noodle Girls - SHMOOD: Full Throttle

For three nights only they're inviting you in for an hour of high-energy silliness and absurdity to make you laugh, either out of joy or fear.

Sean Woodland & Chris Radburn - Poking the Bear

We live in a world where it’s getting harder to say anything without somebody taking offence. Thankfully, Chris Radburn & Sean Woodland don’t care.

Christian Elderfield - Suited and Rooted

Amazingly talented U.K. comic Christian Elderfield brings his trademark quick-witted humour sidled with hilarious and embarrassing stories!

Gavin Sempel - Commission

Filled with stories about growing up in Western Sydney to moving to country Victoria, it'll be a show you can't miss, unless you're busy.

Jeeves Verma - Dowry of a Wimpy Kid

This show is Jeeves' formal apology to everyone who identifies as an introvert.

Cassie Workman - Giantess

After being abducted by a troll, a girl must realise her destiny, and escape.

Demi Lardner & Tom Walker

Tom Walker and Demi Lardner are young twin brothers left alone at home. They mustn't get up to mischief, for father will be cross.

Eve Ellenbogen - Too Much

Eve Ellenbogen has always been told she’s a bit over-the-top: too loud, too emotional, too much...just like every other woman.

Gillian English

10 Things I Hate About Taming of the Shrew is a theatrical, comedic, listicle romp through the world of teenage Shakespeare film adaptations.

Jez Watts - Absolute Zero

Fun, charming and playfully dirty, Jez has sold out shows on the west coast, east coast and internationally. Perth grown. World approved.

Matt Stewart - Bone Dry

In his show 'Bone Dry' he talks about what it's like to quit the drink alongside his usual wry observations of masculinity, life in Australia and pop culture.

Mike Goldstein - Fraud Complex

Mike Goldstein (one half of The Phone Hacks podcast) is back at the Sydney Comedy Festival with a new hour of comedy bronze.

Pastor Jake Cherrytree - Let's Get Saved!

It's the end of the world. What better way to lift our spirits than with some old time religion and song?

Patrick Gee - Double Cap Hoodie

Get ready for more raunch and absurdity and some sick licks on his electronic keyboard!

Ruven Govender - Brown Panther

Join one of the funniest Indian comedians in Australia for an hour of ethnic based comedy.

Sam Kisajukian - Enter The Sam Man

Sam wants this to be the funniest show you’ve ever seen, to prove he’s a good boy.

Simon Kennedy - Hairless Whisper

Simon Kennedy is back! and his new show is nothing short of hilarious.

Storm Xu - Study In Australia

If you like witty/informative comedy, this one you should not miss!

Songtourage - Matchy Matchy

Songtourage is a Sydney-based band serving musical comedy and normal word-type comedy.

Jack Gow - Weltschmerz

Some people see ageing as a process of slowly giving up on your dreams until you end up a compromised version of the person you thought you’d be.

Comedy For Kids Gala

The Comedy For Kids Gala brings together a variety line-up of the funniest family-friendly acts from the 2019 Sydney Comedy Festival.

Eli Matthewson - MYTH AND LEGEND

Eli has a Classic Degree, and he's never once used it professionally. Come watch him using this qualification for the first time in 10 years.

James Roque

A brand new hour of “too real” laughs from the Filipino step-son of New Zealand comedy.

Jewish Comedy Showcase

Sold out six years running, the Jewish Comedy Showcase returns with another hilarious line-up of Jewish comedic talent from Australia and overseas.

Josh Wolf

US comedian, actor and NY Times Bestselling author JOSH WOLF has become one of the most sought after personalities in comedy.

Juliet Rae Timmerman - The Latest Show Of All Time

Juliet is the sweetie pie of Sydney improv troupe Confetti Gun.

Laura Hart - This Show Has My Dog In It

Part stand up, part sketch and full glitz - you will be entertained.

Mark Forward - Wins All The Awards

Mark Forward (CAN) makes his Sydney Comedy Festival debut with a show filled with everything that will help him win all the awards.

The Naughty Corner

Grab a strong coffee & have a laugh with some fantastic comedians, hosted by father of 2 & sympathiser, Cam Knight.

The Nasty Show - Hosted by Jez Watts

Tired of inoffensive jokey jokes? Get Drunk. Get Rowdy. Get Desensitized.

Nick Capper - Pig In The City

Nick Capper is one of the only agricultural based comedians in Australia or the world.

Noughty Girls: a 2000s pop-culture comedy

It’s ‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’ meets ‘Mean Girls’. It’s ‘The Simple Life’ meets ‘Kath & Kim’...

The Phone Hacks Podcast Live

Mike Goldstein and Nick Capper swap phones and rummage through the dark corners of each other’s private lives.

Post Haste Players - Rome Sweet Rome

Featuring Michael Gregory, Ewan Campbell, Oliver Burton, Marko Mustac, Linette Voller and the improvised music of Bryce Halliday.

Reece Boyall - Unexpected Times of Learning

Come bring your friends and loved ones and be a part of this ridiculous show one last time.

Seizure Kaiser - Cobra Kaiser

The 7th show from the creative and destructive mind of Seizure Kaiser, performing in various countries, this show is not to be missed.

Sparrow-Folk - Ha Ha

Sparrow-Folk return with a fresh, sexy, satirical songfest. Their laugh-out-loud music has transformed the face of musical comedy in Australia.

UTS Wom*n's Revue - Sealed Section: Encore

This "poignant and hilarious" sell-out show is unmissable.

USYD Womn's Revue - School Splashtacular!

Pack your bright beach bag, buy an octopus costume from Spotlight and reserve at LEAST 60min worth of oxygen in the tank!

Sydney University Arts Revue - Live from the Grave

Let us gather to grieve, but to also celebrate the legacy of Sydney Uni's best sketch comedy show.

Splenda In The Carpet - The Reunion Tour

Word on the street is that the members of 2018 hit Fringe show Splenda in the Carpet are getting back together for one last reunion tour.

The War on the F*#king Election 2019

The upcoming Federal Election will be full of suspense. Who will be the Liberal leader that week?

South African Comedy Allstars

The South African Comedy Allstars will leave you sore from laughter and it's sure to be a Lekker Jol!

You Am I - 'The Majesty of Tap'

You Am I desired to play a tribute to one of Britain’s loudest, for no other reason than blind devotion.

Josh & Dan are "The Sorry Boys"

Look, they dropped the ball - that's on them. Would they take it back if they could? Absolutely.

Takashi Wakasugi - JAPAN LIFE

This Japanese humor will be so fresh for you and this show will definitely make you want to visit Japan. Or not.

Yo Mama Battle! XI

"Yo Mama Battle!" continues to dominate in in its 11th outing! Hosted by evil genius Seizure Kaiser.

Charity Werk - Community Service

Melbourne drag diva Charity Werk fuses stand-up and song with the magic of drag in her acclaimed debut solo show, Community Service.

Dan Rath - Bubble Bath

Dan Rath is ready to capitulate to the desires of the audience. All this stammering boob wants is a playmate. Welcome to the Bubble Bath.

Dusty Rich - Grenade Brain

An hour of completely improvised comedy from the machine gunned mouthed South African Dusty Rich.

Jacques Barrett

2019 sees our (your) Jacques enter his 10th official year as a full-time touring road-comic.

Jinx Yeo - Absurdly Asian

No gimmicks, just a hilarious hour of stand-up comedy.

Lily Starr - Big Lez

I know what you’re thinking, ‘geez Ruby Rose has put on weight’ – but no, that’s actually small time comedian Lily Starr.

Tom Cashman - XYZ

Tom Cashman is bringing his stand-up show XYZ to Sydney Comedy Festival for one week only!

Theatresports All-Stars 80s vs 90s vs 00s

It’s the 80s vs 90s vs 00s! 3 generations of improv comedy legends take to the stage for one night to decide which decade was the funniest.

Mickey D. - "Can Do!"

A show about attitude, with attitude!

Naomi Mourra - An Open Book

Naomi explores her own anecdotes as well as some of the Biblical stories you may (or may not) know...

Rebecca De Unamuno

Jump into the cage and join Rebecca De Unamuno for a swinging' night of far-out improvised comedy.

Maddie HW - Let's Get Loud

Do your vocal warm ups because it's time to get loud!

Sydney Comedy Festival 2019 - Gift Voucher

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to laugh!

Ron Funches (USA) - Live

The New York Times declares that he "Purrs like a kitty cat, stings like a bee", don't miss Ron Funches on his Australian debut!

Alex Reynolds - Curly and Coordinated

Help her unpack why people are so fascinated with her hair and delve into questions like: Is it a perm? Is it a wig? And what would she look like bald?

Alex Ward - No Flirting

No flirting during Alex’s show! Not even with Alex...she won’t flirt back as she’s very professional and very bad at flirting.

Amos Gill: Almost Famos

Adelaide’s favourite ex-brekky host Amos Gill is back for another festival stint before he returns to the dirty streets of California!

Ange Lavoipierre - Final Form

Two parts fever dream and one part personality quiz, Final Form takes aim at the desperate lengths we go to in our eternal quest to be liked.

Annisa Belonogoff - Dear Future Ex-Husbands

Girl logic is logic... a warped and creative logic, but logic non the less.

Bart Freebairn - Believe In Yourself

Relax and enjoy as Bart guides you to a future full of joyous potential with luxury stand up comedy. Believe in yourself, and book now.

Bec Charlwood & Sian Smyth - Bad Girls

For two nights only they will be joining bad girl forces to bring you an hour show of the very best and baddest Comedy.

Billy D'Arcy - Background Lad

Come and get around Billy for an hour of possibly too aggressive banter, as he attacks those who deserve it, including himself.

Blake Freeman - There's Something There

Blake Freeman is a boy, a good boy, the best boy. Well, he tries.

Cait Johnson - Whiz Bang

After establishing herself as a regular on the Sydney comedy scene, Cait relocated to Melbourne to peddle her wares before again relocating to Sydney.

Charisa Bossinakis - None Taken

"Dead Weight”. That was what Christ Grammar Coach Russel of the Immaculate Conception’s B Reserve netball team called Charisa Bossinakis.

Chris Ryan - Bogus

Fake tans, fake friends, fake news: If you take the shortcut it’s bogus – but you’ll still get there. Probably.

Christian Hull - Complete Drivel: Live Podcast

Don't miss this incredible comedy creator when he brings his unfettered talents to the stage in his first solo show!

Ciaran Lyons - What's Next?

An awkward experience at a massage parlour in Thailand, a housemate with all the traits of a serial killer and obtaining a stalker...

Clare Cavanagh - Literally

'Literally' is about caring too much, inciting revolutions and defending teenage girls.

Craig Quartermaine - Novelty Act

Mocking identity and labels is easy when a family secret can change everything you think you are...

Dane Simpson - Origins

Dane recently performed at the Commonwealth Games Festival and you might have seen him on Channel 10's "Have you been paying attention?".

Daniel Townes - Indeed

The best of his best. Anything he’s told that’s brought the roof down and is still relevant, excluding anything from 2018...

Emma Malik - If You Can't Train It, Eat It

After a sold out 2017/18 comedy festival season, Emma & her animal friends are back! Don't miss this hilarious fun-filled show!

Fran Middleton

When Fran was little, she wanted to be Harrison Ford. To get to pash Carrie Fisher...

Gerard McGowan - Only Getting Funnier

This dusty clam is a regular at the Sydney Comedy Store and has gigged across this great bloody nation of ours.

Jan van de Stool - Parting The Red Curtains

Join Musical Therapist, Jan van de Stool, and her extensive ego, as she reflects on her life in the 'business of show'.

Jason Leong - Harmful If Swallowed

The doctor-turned-comedian Dr Jason is not just seasoned, but after actively touring in 2018, he is now razor-sharp, match fit and ready.

Lauren Bonner - Heartbreaker

In her festival debut, Bonner will track her evolution from a self-conscious teen into to an ice cold Heartbreaker with plenty of jokes along the way.

Lauren Pattison (UK) - PEACHY

Come see Lauren deliver some new home truths with her wicked, warm and authentic brand of humour.

Makedonka Stoilova - Nosey

Brace yourselves and bring your thesauruses, because this show will not be a floccinaucinihilipilification.

Michael Shafar - 50/50

In 2017 Michael was diagnosed with cancer, and it has given him a lot of material. Don't worry, this show is funny. It's definitely not a TED Talk.

Lizzy Hoo - Hoo Am I? (What's My Name?)

Lizzy is fast making a name for herself on the Australian comedy circuit with large thanks to the antics of her hilarious dad, Chan.

Shayne Hunter - The Cognitive Disident

Comedian Shayne Hunter examines the ways the unconcious mind tricks us.

Suren Jayemanne - I'm Here, All Weak

I'm here, all weak. Try the veal! and let me know if it hurts your teeth cause it hurt mine.

Mitch Garling - Cat Daddy

Join Mitch as he dives deep into tales of life as a 30 year old man with four mouths to feed.

Oliver Twist - I Am HUTU

A twisted life, from the refugee camp to the stage.

Rachael Millanta - Lower Your Expectations

Rachael brings her debut solo show ‘Lower Your Expectations’ back to Sydney for SCF.

Steph Tisdell - Identity Steft

Watch Steph Tisdell as she tries to answer the question: where do you fit on the Pyramid?!

Rose Callaghan

Rose answers the age old question: do men need Youtube masculinity coaches - or just a hug & a mental health plan?

Rowan Thambar - 23 and dissappointed

Millennial, brown-person and comedy heart-throb Rowan Thambar is 23 and disappointed. Find out why!

Fern Brady

Fern is full of wit and charm, fearlessly tackling sexuality, feminism, power, Brexit, Britishness, Scottishness and nationality in this brand new hour.

Pax Assadi - Raised By Refugees

Pax Assadi is considered one of New Zealand's most exciting young comedians by his peers and audiences alike.

David O'Doherty

The hairy Enya is delighted to return to Perth with a brand-new show made up of talking and songs played on the plastic keyboard he got for his Confirmation.

Nikki Britton - Once Bitten

And Eve said unto God, “Firstly, love the beard.

Dave Hughes - Hairy

You can't rely on a friend telling you what happens. Only your own ears and eyes can be trusted.

Paul Foot - Image Conscious

TAHIR explores the stupidity of the funniest animal on the planet - Humans.

Alex Williamson - Sin On My Face

The Victorian era is long gone, but to think people once adhered to a set of rules ordained by god.

Aaron Chen - piss off (just kidding)

"piss off" represents the dark side of aaron, evil and mean. and just kidding represents that after every bitter there is a sweet. do u believe me? ;p

Alice Fraser - Mythos

A show that picks a line and sticks to it, and does a lot of other things en route.

Anthony Locascio - Unaccounted

Locascio reveals how a childhood anxiety, university failure & natural quirkiness have created a man incapable of living the suit & tie lifestyle.

Becky Lucas - 'Um, support me?!'

I'm passionate about two things: getting every surface of the bathroom incredibly wet and blaming my mood and behaviour on the moon.

Joe Lycett

I'm About To Lose Control and I Think Joe Lycett

Cal Wilson - Gifted Underachiever

Cal’s been at this whole life thing for a while now, but she still hasn’t quite nailed it.

Lady Sings It Better - SO FRESH: A 90s Singalong

Oops, We’ve Done It Again! Sydney’s favourite cabaret act Lady Sings it Better are dishing up the freshest 90s hits in a singalong event you won’t want to miss.

Des Bishop - The Comments Section

Native New Yorker and one of Ireland’s most loved comedians, Des Bishop returns to Australia in 2019 with a brand-new hour of stand-up.

Confetti Gun - Wives and Mothers

Join acclaimed improv troupe Confetti Gun as they play all these character archetypes - and more! - in a dizzying display of improvisational mastery.

Aaron Gocs - Divorced...With Children

In ‘Divorced…with children’ Aaron ‘Gocsy’ Gocs (Comedy Central, Vice, The Merger) opens up about navigating his way through life as a suburban, divorced dad.

Tom Ballard - Enough

Tom doesn’t have a real job any more. Please come and give him some of your hard-earned money in exchange for the product of laughter.

Simon Taylor - Right Now

The Advertiser put it best: “Simon Taylor is not just a comedian - he is a singer, dancer, actor and magician all rolled into one.”

Nick Cody - Old Mate

Your favourite red bearded, loose unit returns a year older but not a year wiser.

Nikki Osbourne - Bad Barbie

After her controversial show "On The Spectrum", Nikki Osborne now presents "Bad Barbie". The world is rooted and Bad Barbie isn't afraid to tell you why.

Cameron James - Strawberry Blonde

A comedian for anyone who hates shark tooth necklaces and people who post questions on Facebook that they could easily Google.

Neel Kolhatkar - Live

He’s had a big year on TV with lead roles in Virgin Bush for ABC TV, Tahir's Street Smarts, and Skit Happens for Network Ten's Pilot Week.

Daniel Connell - Piece of Piss

Locascio reveals how a combination of childhood anxiety, university failure & natural quirkiness have created a man incapable of living the suit & tie lifestyle

Dave Thornton - Lean Into It

Look me up on YouTube and see if you like the jokes.

Matt Okine - The Hat Game

After a sell-out season in 2018, Matt returns with a special encore performance of his critically acclaimed show - The Hat Game, for 3 nights only!

Dilruk Jayasinha - Cheat Day(s)

Dilruk Jayasinha has quickly become one of Australia's favourite comedians.

Double Denim - Adventure Show

Double Denim journey, a celebratory journey from teenage years to avocado days.

Jeff Green - Letters Home

Award winning UK comedian Jeff Green brings his extraordinary new show to Sydney.

Larry Dean - Bampot

Fresh from a sell-out international tour, Larry returns to Sydney with his EDINBURGH COMEDY AWARD nominated new show.

Luke Heggie - HAVE THAT

Luke Heggie threatened to quit stand up comedy.

Mark Watson - The Infinite Show

Watson makes his long-awaited return to Sydney with the show that stormed the Edinburgh Fringe.

Ibis: Your City, Our Bins

When Ibis' father died defending their home, Ibis and Gran had nowhere to go.

Craig Hill (SCO) - C'mon The Lads

This show is soooooo not about fit-baws! Jockstrap yourself in for a “balls-out” funny night of no-holds-barred comedy - It’s all gonna kick off!

Rhys Nicholson

Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations

Tommy Little - Self-Diagnosed Genius

Idiot or genius? For many, the jury has been out on Tommy Little but he’s here to set the record straight.

Guy Montgomery

I Was Part Of The Problem Before We Were Talking About It

Foil, Arms & Hog - CRAIC-LING Tour

Foil, Arms and Hog are on their way to Australia for their very first time.

Lawrence Leung - Growing Concerns

Acclaimed comedian, champion worrier and consistent escape room prisoner, Lawrence returns with tall tales, big concerns and dubious solutions.

Sam Taunton - Straight From The Shoulder

Sam Taunton is one of Australia’s most exciting new comedians.

Nath Valvo - I'm Happy For You

Sydney! Your favourite Show Pony is back premiering his brand new hour.

Damien Power - Man Puts His Dreams In A Sock

Achieve your dreams. Reach your full potential. Be the best that you can be.

Tom Walker - Very Very

Tom Walker talking very little & moving very lot. Few words. Many good times. Listen, because I like you,

Fiona O'Loughlin

Fiona has always had the gun to her own head in her searingly honest brand of comedy, but watch out people of Australia.

Ivan Aristeguieta - The Fourth Floor

"Congratulations! You've made it to the fourth floor!" That's what Venezuelans say when someone turns forty.

Nina Oyama Needs A Lift

In 2014, comedian Nina Oyama moved from the city to start a fresh new life in the countryside - you know, like all good retirees do.

Stephen K Amos - The Story So Far

Comedy superstar Stephen K Amos returns to Australia with a show looking back on his last 10 years.

Demi Lardner - Ditch Witch 800

Once upon a time, in a far away swamp, there lived an ogre named demi lardner (Mike Myers).

Melanie Bracewell

Melanie Bracewell insists she came up with this show's title before Lorde's new album came out.

Nazeem Hussain - Basic Idiot

It’s been a massive year for Nazeem. He became a Dad & his sketch show Orange Is The New Brown began airing on Ch 7.

Tahir - You Had ONE Job!

TAHIR explores the stupidity of the funniest animal on the planet - Humans.

Ross Noble - Humournoid

What happens when pure comedy takes human form? What happens when a creature is created and bred to do stand up?

Akmal – Open for Renovations

Imagine having enough confidence to get out of your car during a road rage incident that wasn’t your fault.

Joel Creasey - Drink. Slay. Repeat

Looks like Joel Creasey has had quite the year. You may have seen him hosting Eurovision and Mardi Gras on SBS. Or Take Me Out on Channel 7.

Nurse Georgie Carroll - Treat Yourself

Unorthodox health education from Nurse Georgie, a mental Olympian that is physically phucked.

The Stevenson Experience - Takes One to Know One

After a Sold-Out 2018 World Tour, Beej & Jimmy are back!

Arj Barker - We Need To Talk

Australia's adopted son of comedy returns with his brand new show We Need To Talk.

Angella Dravid - Angella Logic

Angella talks about weird situations and thoughts, growing up, and stuff.

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Sydney Comedy Festival Reviews

"The city’s much-loved comedy extravaganza” – Inner West Courier

“guaranteed LOLs.” – The Urban List

“Bigger, funnier and unmissable.” – Broadsheet Sydney

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A truly digital company, is Australia's number one Entertainment Events website, with a market leading mobile platform that gives customers the ability to browse, buy and deliver tickets on their phone, through both the mobile site and iPhone app. Ticketek also offers a dedicated customer care team, and operates over 75 agencies outlets throughout Australia.

Ticketek sells over 23 million tickets to more than 20,000 events each year, including concerts, sports, theatre, musicals, festivals, exhibitions, experiences and family events.

Ticketek provides ticketing services to Australia's premier venues including ANZ Stadium, Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney Cricket Ground, Allianz Stadium, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Rod Laver Arena, Her Majesty's Theatre, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Metricon Stadium, Newcastle Entertainment Centre, GIO Stadium, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide Oval, Regal Theatre and RAC Arena. Ticketek also sells tickets to some of Australia's most prominent events including the Australian Open Tennis Tournament.

Ticketek Australia has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth.

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